Care and Maintenance


The ACS PRO Series comprises a range of custom fit in-ear products to provide hearing protection and communication, using soft medical grade silicone for a comfortable fit.

Filtered products reduce sound to safe levels, while the communication products allow you to stay in touch with crystal clear sound.

Non-filtered products comprise silicone earplugs.

Filtered products consist of two parts: the pill shaped filter and the silicone earplug (Picture A).

The filter is supplied fitted into the earplug.

Communicator and Drivercom products have the addition of electronic components and a cable which can be connected to suitable devices.

Optional extra items include neck cords, and grips to aid insertion and removal of the earplugs.

Insert the earplug into the ear canal by following the instructions below.

Inserting into the Ear
Each earplug is marked with a red or blue logo (unless custom made to a different specification). The RED logo fits in your RIGHT ear and the BLUE logo fits in your LEFT ear.

Hold the earplug as shown in Picture B and insert gently into the ear canal (Picture C), twisting it backwards while applying slight pressure. Press the earplug until it fits comfortable in your ear as shown in Picture D. If your earplugs are fitted with grips, gold the grips when inserting the earplugs.

A tube of comfort cream is provided to aid insertion if fitting is difficult. Spread a small amount of cream to the entrance of your ear canal to aid insertion of the earplug. Replacement tubes of cream are available, or a comparative product may be used.

Removing from the Ear
To remove, grip the ear plug and twist in a forward motion while pulling gently away from the ear.

If your earplugs are fitted with grips, hold the grips when removing the earplugs.

If your earplugs are fitted with a neck cord or cable, NEVER remove them by pulling on the cord or cable as this can damage the product.

Neck Cords
If your earplugs are supplied with a neck cord, this can be connected by inserting each plugged end gently into the pre-drilled socket on each earplug, or if grips have been added, through the pre-drilled hole on each grip. The cord can be removed by gently pulling it out of each hole.

Removing and Inserting Filters
ACS filters can be removed to clean the earplugs, to replace them or to swap them for a different attenuation filter. If changing filters, only ACS filters should be used to maintain the products certification (where applicable) as a hearing protector.

To remove the filter gently squeeze the earplug around the filter until it ‘pops’ out of the earplug (Picture E).

To insert the filter, first ensure that the ACS logo is facing upward so the logo will face out of the earplug once inserted. Insert the filter into the larger opening of the earplug. First insert the filter at an angle and push the lower side of the filter in, then press down on the logo to correctly position the filter in the cavity of the earplug (Picture F).

Ensure the filter is correctly positioned in the earplug before inserting the earplug into the ear canal (Pictures G, H, and I).

Cleaning and Storage
It is important that you read these notes to ensure the longevity of your product. Failure to care for them in accordance with these instructions could impair their performance.

After each use clean the earplugs with a clean, moist cloth or sterile wipe. Visually inspect each earplug to check that no earwax, skin debris or dirt has penetrated the sound tubes, and use the provided cleaning tool to carefully remove any foreign matter. Always store your earplugs in the supplied carry case when not in use, ensuring they are clean and dry before doing so.

Keep away from moisture, extreme cold or hot, or direct sunlight.

The filters should only be cleaned if necessary and should NEVER be immersed in any liquids.

Non-electronic earplugs can be cleaned in warm, soapy water if required. The filters should be removed beforehand, and the earplugs should be rinsed and completely dried before re-inserting the filters.

Some chemical substances can adversely affect the product. Further information should be sought from the manufacturer regarding this.

If your product incorporates electronic components it should NEVER be immersed in any liquids.


  • The product is intended to be placed in the ear and to protect the wearer from hazardous noise levels and/or for communication purposes. The product is not intended for any other use.
  • The product must be fitted, adjusted, and maintained in accordance with the instructions. Improper fitting can reduce its effectiveness in attenuating noise.
  • If the product is fitted with a neck cord or cable, care must be taken to ensure they do not catch or snag on objects or become entangled.
  • Performance of the product may be reduced after contact with sharp objects e.g. by puncturing or cutting (Pictures J and K).
  • Regularly inspect the product to ensure serviceability. Do not use the product if there are any signs of wear or damage.
  • The product may be adversely affected when coming into contact with chemicals or alcohol.
  • If these instructions and warnings are not adhered to, the protection afforded by the product may be severely impaired.
  • Please ensure that the product and both hands are clean before insertion in order to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Choking hazard – Keep the product of out of reach of young children.
  • Sudden or fast insertion/removal of the product into/out of the ear canal may damage the ear.
  • Suitable hearing protection must be worn at all times in noisy surroundings.
  • The accessories provided are only intended for use with the product as specified. They are not recommended for any other use.
  • You are responsible for evaluating whether the use of the product affects the ability to safely perform an activity. Stop if you find it distracting or disruptive.
  • It is not recommended to use the product after the expiration date (see outside of package).

The specified attenuation of the product can no longer be guaranteed after the expiration date. As a guideline we recommend new ear impressions and replacement of your hearing protection earplugs every four years due to anatomical changes to the shape of the ear canal.