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Sometimes in Music Education the subject of hearing conservation does not seem to be given the attention it deserves. At ACS Australia we believe that educating young people about the hazard of being exposed to sound levels over 85dB (A) in musical and recreational environments is crucial, especially when it occurs regularly or over long periods of time.

Music Teachers – Do you have a duty of care to protect your students?
If your students, pupils or teaching staff are exposed to average sound levels of 85dB (A) and over you should supply suitable hearing protection that is fit for purpose. Solid foam type earplugs are an auditory block and not suitable for musicians.

For any musician or music lover, high fidelity attenuating hearing protection is the answer in providing suitable protection without spoiling the sound quality. ACS Australia offers a wide range of affordable solutions for education from universal fit to custom moulded hearing protection.

Protect your students today so they can
Play Safe Now and still Hear Tomorrow

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